North is discovery.

Learn more about Northern Vermont University-Johnson's thriving science programs at Science Day on Friday, March 30. Tours, hands-on activities, and other opportunities to get an insider's view of our science programs will give you an opportunity to see how you will make an impact as an NVU science student. 

  • Tour our facilities  
  • Meet science students and faculty  
  • Learn about undergraduate research opportunities  
  • Find out about career possibilities in the sciences  
  • Participate in science workshops with NVU faculty and students
  • Enjoy lunch on us

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Science Day Workshops

Identifying and Changing Our Carbon Footprint
Faculty leader: Dr. Tania Bacchus, Professor of Environmental Science
Discover and analyze your own carbon footprint and that of your school. Develop strategies/brainstorm ideas to change it. This workshop will be run by NVU-Johnson students in the Global Climate Change course.

How Models of Rivers Can Be Used to Study Water Pollution
Faculty leader: Dr. Robert Genter, Professor of Biology
In the artificial stream laboratory at NVU-Johnson, you will be able to see how small, model flowing systems called artificial streams are used to study the effects of chemical pollutants on communities of microscopic aquatic organisms. We will measure basic aspects of water quality like pH, temperature, and dissolved oxygen. If you are interested in research experiments with a lot of moving parts, then this experience is for you!

Relax to Win!
Faculty leader: Dr. Amy Welch, Associate Professor of Health Sciences
Play a biofeedback video game that is controlled by your heart rhythm. Learn about how breathing patterns change your heart rate and can be used to control your stress levels or improve concentration. Discover smartphone apps that can help you do this anytime, anywhere.

Make a Necklace With Your DNA!
Faculty leader: Dr. Liz Dolci, Professor of Biology
Have your ever wanted to see your own DNA? In this lab activity, you will extract DNA from your saliva and turn it into a pendant that you can take home with you!

A Bird in the Hand
Faculty leader: Dr. Lisa Zinn, Part-time Instructor of Environmental Interpretation
Would you like to participate in real songbird research? In this outdoor activity, you will join a licensed bird bander as she captures birds in mist nets, carefully takes data and measurements, and adds a numerical band to their leg.  You may even get a chance to release a bird back into the wild. 

Astrobiology: Life Among the Stars
Faculty leader: Hillary Emick, NVU-Johnson Lab Technician
How do scientists look for life on other worlds? How will we know it when we see it? Participants will replicate an experiment sent to Mars to look for signs of life and attempt to explain the results that baffled scientists. 

See Inside a Rock 
Faculty leader: Dr. Les Kanat, Professor of Geology
Bring a small rock to cut, or cut one of our geodes. Then with the use of polarizing microscopy, you can see right through the minerals while observing the colors of the rainbow and the geometry of nature.

Physiological Responses to Cycling Exercise
Faculty leader: Dr. Hans Haverkamp, Associate Professor of Health Sciences
Exercise is a stressor…how does the human body respond to the exercise stress? In this workshop, we'll measure breathing rate, heart rate, and oxygen uptake during cycling exercise of increasing effort.