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Contact the NVU Distance Learning Office

NVUOnline@NorthernVermont.edu | 1.800.635.2356; 802.635.1290

Associate Dean of Distance Learning

Bobbi Jo Carter, Ph.D.

Advisor Support and Chair, Interdisciplinary Studies

Dave Cavanagh

Coordinator of Online Learning and Services, Oversight of Professional Studies Major

Amy Beattie

Staff Assistant

Rhonda Osgood

NVU Online Advisors at NVU and All CCV Centers

Bennington, 802.447.2361

Jeannie Jenkins, Jeanette.Jenkins@CCV.edu

Brattleboro, 802.254.6370

Pam Bullock, Pam.Bullock@CCV.edu

Middlebury, 802.388.3032

Jennifer Stefani, Jennifer.Stefani@CCV.edu

Montpelier, 802.828.4060

Kelly Young, Kelly.Young@CCV.edu

Amy Lewis, Amy.Lewis@CCV.edu

Morrisville, 802.888.4258

Billi Dunham, Billi.Dunham@CCV.edu

Newport, 802.334.3387

Cynthia Swanson, Cynthia.Swanson@CCV.edu

NVU Online Virtual Advisors

Bobbi Jo Carter, BobbiJo.Carter@NorthernVermont.edu, 802.635.1381

Gretchen DeHart, Gretchen.DeHart@CCV.edu, 802.524.6541

Lizzie Lyon, Elizabeth.Lyon@NorthernVermont.edu, 802.635.1257

Meghan Junor, Meghan.Junor@NorthernVermont.edu, 802.635.1219

Caitlin Wilkins, Caitlin.Wilkins@NorthernVermont.edu, 802.635.1306

Rutland, 802.786.6996

Tammy Davis, Tammy.Davis@CCV.edu

Chris Ettori, Christopher.Ettori@CCV.edu

Laura Rubenis, Laura.Rubenis@CCV.edu

Springfield, 802.885.8360

Debra Grant, Debra.Grant@CCV.edu

St. Albans, 802.524.6541

Kerri Brooks, Kerri.Brooks@CCV.edu

St. Johnsbury, 802.748.6673

Leanne Porter, Leanne.Porter@CCV.edu

Upper Valley, 802.295.8822

Lesli O’Dowd, Lesli.Odowd@CCV.edu

Winooski, 802.654.0505

Dave Cavanagh, David.Cavanagh@NorthernVermont.edu

Marianne DiMascio, Marianne.DiMascio@CCV.edu

Rick Leete, Rick.Leete@CCV.edu

Amy Stuart, Amy.Stuart@CCV.edu

Transfer Coordinator - Early Childhood Education

Meghan Junor, NVU-Lyndon, Meghan.Junor@NorthernVermont.edu, Office: 802.626.6409, Admissions Office: 800.225.1998