As a member of the Vermont State Colleges System, Northern Vermont University utilizes a system-wide portal to provide you secure access to your financial aid information, email, New Student Checklist, and other tools and resources you'll need as an NVU student. To access the portal and these resources, you'll first need to activate your account. 

Please note: we are continuing to develop the mobile version of the account activation process. For now, please use a desktop computer to activate your account. 

Activating Your Account

1.    Create your password: Go to the account activation page and follow these four steps: 

  • Verify your identity and request a PIN. (You will need the college ID number provided in your portal activation letter to complete this task.)
  • Select where you want your PIN to be sent.
  • Validate your PIN.
  • Create and confirm your password. 

2.    Retrieve your username: Go to the username retrieval page, enter your college ID number, and choose where you would like your username to be sent.
3.    Login: Enter your username and password at the VSCS login page (if desired, add to favorites/bookmarks before logging in).

We recommended writing down your username, password, college ID number, and security answers for future reference. 

If you forget your login, and can’t retrieve it, the Office of Information Technology will need to ‘reset’ your login for you to redo the process above. You can contact them at 802.626.6456 or via email at

Note that your college ID number protects your identity, and ensures confidentiality in your interactions with NVU and the VSCS. We typically ask you to provide this number when contacting us. Please do not share this number or other login information publicly.